Top artists from all over the world

Jazzy & Iris (Oslo, Norway)

Jazzy & Iris

Oslo, Norway
Jazzy and Iris are both professional dancers, that graduated from the Norwegian College of Dance with a bachelor degree in Performing Arts and Pedagogy.

Jazzy has his background from jazz, modern, ballet, break dance, hip-hop, Latin jazz, flamenco and other Latin dances such as salsa, cha-cha-cha, mambo, Afro-Cuban and show dance. In 2002 he started Norway’s biggest salsa and Latin dance school LATIN DANCE ART - Salsakompaniet». Jazzy has traveled to many different events and has 16 years experiece as a international Latindance instructor.

Iris Reder graduated in 2014. She majored in jazz dance, but also studied other techniques such as ballet and modern dance. Iris has experience from teaching and performing various styles such as ballet, musical, show jazz, lyrical jazz, latin jazz, street dance, salsa all levels, lady styling and bachata. She is now a popular dance instructor and performer in Norway and travels together with her partner Jazzy Ruiz to many of the most prestigious festival world wide. In her experience as a dancer, Iris values musicality, a strong technical base and an artistic expression that reflects her sharpness, elegance and versatility. Look out for their shows full of energy, great technique and unique music interpretation, as well as they amazing pedagogy and and didactic at theirs workshops! In this great festival Jazzy & Iris are looking forward to dance with you!
Tamba & Emanuela (London, United Kingdom)

Tamba & Emanuela

London, United Kingdom
He is French, she is Italian and they are the new dancing couple to hit the International Salsa scene! Both very versatile dancers, they have this undeniable passion for dancing which is contagious to whoever dances or learns with them. Tamba and Emanuela are a combination of technique, energy, style and knowledge. In 2016, they decided to work together to bring something fresh to the scene and enthuse dancers and students alike. From Mambo and Chachacha to Cuban dances including Casino, Rumba and Afro-Cuban, Tamba and Emanuela teach and dance many styles. They are particularly known for their fusion of classic Mambo and Afro-Cuban movements. After performing their debut Show “Gracia Divina”, giving their take on Mambo with "Dejame Ya" and performing their acclaimed Chacha Fusion show "Silencio", they are now showcasing their new show “Hacha y Machete”, a Mambo story of passion and energy!

Marta & Yami (Paris, France / Milano, Italy)

Marta & Yami

Paris, France / Milano, Italy
This couple is a French and Italian mix and will be with us for the first time in the coming edition. Both of them are well known artists in the scene that already made their careers independently and with different partners and worked internationally for big names. Both of them are dancers, teachers and choreographers. Finally, they found each other and discovered, they are “the perfect match”. Because of all the influences they discovered from Salsa, Bachata, Semba, Kizomba and so on, they teach a very unique fusion style today "Fusionkizz" . Their teaching skills are based on best techniques and knowledge.

Angelo Gioffre & company (Milano, Italy)

Angelo Gioffre & company

Milano, Italy
Angelo was born in Milan in 1990 and began dancing at the age of eight. He participated in national competitions and at the age of ten he started training in Caribbean dance. At the age of seventeen he enrolled in the M.A.S. (Music, Art, and Show) Academy in Milan and gained a degree in Dance and Television. Since then has been working in one of the most acclaimed groups in the world of salsa with the internationally renowned choreographer Maykel Fonts and his Fonts Company. He has toured extensively in Italy and abroad and also has done advertising campaigns and events for various international brands.currently dancing for the production Riverdream in the musical "heartbeat of home" and has already toured Dublin, Beijing, Shanghai, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Boston

Renato Veronezi (Brazil)

Renato Veronezi

Renato will teach brazilian zouk and will focus on modern urban style with lot of RnB and HipHop moves
Tomáš & Anet (Prague, Czech republic)

Tomáš & Anet

Prague, Czech republic
Tomáš & Anet – two young dancers who decided to combine their wide ranged experience in dance. Anet returns back to her roots and again dives into cuban rhythms after a long period of practicing and performing american west coast swing and brazilian zouk. Tomáš contributes with experience in cuban classical dances such as rumba, afro and timba. He has built his style in a successful man duo Dos Timberos. Tomáš & Anet have rich experience in salsa and other dance styles. They are full of energy, passion and good mood and they enjoy sharing their vibes with others.